Autodesk BIM Collaborate

Design collaboration and coordination for smarter project delivery

BIM Collaborate is cloud-based design collaboration and coordination software for architecture, engineering, and construction teams to review designs, run automatic clash detection, and track project status. Helping you execute on design intent and deliver high-quality constructible models on a single platform.

  • Stay up to date with design progress
  • Make smarter decisions with project insights
  • Assess constructability with automatic clash detection

BIM Collaborate is ideal for teams that review design work, give feedback, and coordinate models.

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Coordinate teams and models from one place

Autodesk BIM Collaborate empowers VDC managers to align on and execute design intent and constructability of models. By managing the entire design collaboration and coordination process in a cloud-based, common data environment, project teams can increase the quality of models while reducing rework and improving productivity.

Keep Teams on the Same Page, at the Same Time
Don’t wait for the next coordination meeting to address constructability issues. With real-time technology, teams are enabled to collaborate on the latest model to address issues faster and improve model quality.

Save Time With Automation
Leverage automated clash detection and grouping. Models published by design teams, general contractors, or trade partners are automatically clashed, grouped, and displayed in an intuitive matrix for quick analysis.

Reduce Rework with Connected Issue Management
Don’t let issues slip through the cracks. Identify clashes as issues, assign them to a team or team member, and track resolution in one connected tool. Easily update models using Revit and Navisworks.

Review designs, manage collaboration, and coordinate designs in one platform

You can use Autodesk BIM Collaborate for design review and coordination, including automated clash detection. As well as access to cloud-based document management, project administration, and advanced analytics.

Top Features

Automated Clash Detection
Upload multi-disciplinary models and automatically detect clashes. Save time reviewing clashes with automatic grouping and dynamic clash tolerance filters enabling you to prioritise work.

Connected Issue Management
Easily turn clashes into issues and assign them to the appropriate party to resolve. You can track and verify design fixes in the same place, for clashes that require greater scrutiny, easily tag and assign an issue to the right team member. Active issues  can them be viewed in the Insights tab or with scheduled reports.

Transparent Project Status
Get notified on the latest design changes and view the current state of your project.

Monitor Design Changes
Get notified on the latest design changes and view the current state of your project with the ability to track model changes along a timeline. Before consuming the latest designs you can identify precisely what changed and which teams are affected.

Additional Features

Efficient Meetings
Save time reviewing clashes and managing issues with trades and designers. Real-time collaboration gives you instant access to changes, issues, meeting minutes and more.

Integrated Issues
Easily review designs in a web browser, identifying and assigning issues on designs for fast resolution without opening Revit, Civil 3D, or Plant 3D allowing you to fix models, validate designs, and close out issues. 

Automated Reporting
Keep track of project accountability by tracking common issues throughout the design co-creation process, using the power of your own project data to improve planning and predictability.

Simple Administration
Administer teams, projects, and accounts in one place. Secure access to relevant data with automated control to keep teams focused. 

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