Spacemaker: Early-stage planning, reimagined

Spacemaker is a cloud-based AI software that empowers real estate developers to assess and develop sites faster, smarter and more collaboratively. Whether it’s for site acquisition or site development, work with the confidence that you’ve made the most of every single plot.

' Reduce lead time
Boost your efficiency, make decisions fastercevery step of the way and let Spacemaker automate the boring tasks. Keep the project running on schedule and win more sites.


Reduce risk
Spacemaker helps you present concepts, ensure compliance and meet targets with certainty. Use data-driven insights to uncover the challenges and opportunities of the site and find the most optimal solution that you know, in advance, will work.


Improve collaboration
Work with the whole team and all stakeholders in a single platform, in the same 3D model anytime, anywhere. Benefit from smoother negotiations to streamline the approval process.


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