Top 5 reasons water professionals choose InfoDrainage

Top 5 reasons water professionals choose InfoDrainage for sustainable drainage design

Buildings, roads, parking lots, neighbourhoods, and other urban spaces need resilient drainage systems that can withstand the demands of rapid development and heavy rainfalls.

With an industry shift toward adopting sustainability, designers, planners, engineers, and developers must find new ways to deliver quick, cost-effective, and compliant drainage designs that better support stormwater and wastewater networks.


Learn why water professionals choose InfoDrainage to introduce a variety of green infrastructure elements that enable systems to keep up with the demand for sustainable outcomes in ways that traditional drainage designs cannot!

Integrate with other systems for alignment with BIM workflows.

Support the entire project lifecycle with integration between InfoDrainage, Civil 3D, and InfoWorks ICM. Integrated data exchange with round-tripping support in Civil 3D allows you to update pipe networks and surfaces to maintain 3D models for BIM compliance.

Speed up overall design time with optimized design workflows.

Shorten time spent on design with easy drag-and-drop templates set up to meet regulatory compliance. A simplified workflow with ribbon and toolbox options provides a logical workflow to guide and improve your capabilities.



Reduce errors and rework with accurate and clear visualization.

With a real-life view of the system you are designing, you can see the accurate extent of a pond, how the underdrain connects swales, and the exact lengths of pipes. Check details quickly by getting accurate data to export to other programs, reducing rework when producing plans and profiles with correct locations.

Clear visualization allows you to switch between profile, plan, and 3D views to visualize how much space you are using and how your system is connected. InfoDrainage is the only hydraulic modeling and design technology that polygonises green infrastructure features with advanced parameters to result in a better reflection of real life to obtain credible results.

Analyse flows and flooding to meet or exceed design requirements.

Identify natural overland flow patterns quickly and easily with deluge analysis features. Reduce the risk of flooding downstream with built-in detailed hydraulic analysis for pipes, maintenance holes, storage, and green infrastructure. Use validation features to quickly spot highlighted errors and read warnings, with potential solutions proposed.

Create designs that contribute to a safer future for all.

Reduce impact on the environment with capabilities purpose-built for integrating green elements into your drainage designs. Tailored reports for compliance allow you to create designs for both traditional and sustainable drainage.




Make the move from grey to green infrastructure.

InfoDrainage provides the capabilities you need to integrate green elements into your drainage designs to create more sustainable communities.

Read the latest Autodesk sustainability eBook now to learn more about getting started with sustainable drainage design technology.


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