Unleash your potential using Fusion 360 Extensions

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Design Workflow using Fusion 360 Extensions

Unlock a new dimension in design with Fusion 360 Extensions, your gateway to enhanced functionality and productivity. Tailor your Fusion 360 experience to meet the unique demands of your projects, streamline workflows, and elevate your design capabilities.

In the ever-evolving landscape of design, Fusion 360 Extensions stand as a beacon for those seeking a tailored approach to their creative process. Imagine a design environment where every tool aligns with your unique vision—this is the promise of Fusion 360 Extensions. Tailored functionality is at the core of this transformative experience. Craft your design space with precision by choosing from a diverse range of extensions meticulously designed to elevate your workflow. Whether you're immersed in parametric modeling, simulation, rendering, or CAM, Fusion 360 Extensions allow you to shape your environment to meet the specific demands of your project.

Seamless Integration for Effortless Advancement

Gone are the days of complex setups and cumbersome installations. Fusion 360 Extensions usher in a new era of design simplicity with their seamless integration into the Fusion 360 environment. No need to navigate intricate configurations—simply plug in the extensions you need and witness your design capabilities expand effortlessly.

Fusion 360
Collaborate, Boost Productivity, and Future-Proof Your Designs

Design is not a solitary endeavour—it thrives on collaboration. Fusion 360 Extensions recognize the pivotal role of teamwork in successful design projects. With tools that enhance collaboration, facilitate communication, ensure version control, and streamline data sharing, these extensions empower design teams to work more effectively.

simulation extension

Explore Fusion 360 Extensions




Machining Extension

Advanced manufacturing tools, include 3 to 5-axis strategies, toolpath optimisation, and process automation.






Nesting & Fabrication Extension

Create optimised and associative multi-sheet layouts for sheet metal and non-sheet metal parts automation.






Simulation Extension

Get unlimited access to cloud solves. Use structural, thermal, explicit, and injection molding simulations.



Generative Design Extension

Explore unlimited generative designs. Optimise for specific materials and manufacturing techniques.



Signal Integrity Extension

Optimize PCB design electromagnetic performance by controlling the impedance of every critical transmission line.



Product Design Extension

Easily create complex geometry to enhance the performance and aesthetics of your products.



Manage Extension

Execute change orders, release management, automated part numbering, and bill of materials management.



Additive Build Extension

Manufacture metal parts using powder bed fusion to reduce material wastage and cost.



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Empower your design journey with Fusion 360 Extensions. Choose the extensions that align with your goals and experience a new level of flexibility and control in your design process. 

Unleash the full potential of Fusion 360 and take your designs to extraordinary heights.


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