What's New in AutoCAD 2024


The latest release of Autodesk® AutoCAD® is packed with new updates and features that save you more time and promote collaboration within and between teams.

With AutoCAD®2024 you can boost creativity, personalise software according to your industry and be part of a valuable network.


New Features in AutoCAD® 2024





Activity Insights

With Activity Insights you get an overview of all changes/additions that were made to your drawing. This way you stay informed of relevant changes throughout the project cycle and collaboration within and between teams is improved.

When you open the AutoCAD file, all changes are automatically tracked in the Activity Insights database. These are then displayed chronologically in the Activity Insights Palette.

My Insights Macro Advisor & Dashboard provide you with valuable advice at the right time, in the right context so you can automate certain steps and save more time.



Visual Activity Insights_ACAD 2024




Smart Blocks: Replacement

Thanks to this function, you can quickly find the necessary blocks. Moreover, it is possible to replace one or more blocks via machine learning suggestions. You can choose from an assortment of similar and/or recently used blocks.

  Visual Smart Blocks Replacement_ACAD 2024





Smart Blocks: Placement

The new Smart Blocks feature provides placement recommendations based on previous placements in your drawings.

For example, if you have already placed a chair in a certain angle, Smart Blocks will position the next chair you place in the same way, according to the same scale.

  Visual Smart Blocks Placement_ACAD 2024




Apple Silicon Native Support

AutoCAD for Mac 2024 now runs automatically on Apple Silicon Mac machines (M1 & M2). This significantly improves performance!

  Visual Apple Silicon Native Support_ACAD 2024


Enhanced Features in AutoCAD® 2024


Markup Import & Markup Assist

Via the Markup Import and Markup Assist you can quickly provide feedback and add to your design. In addition, it is possible to import paper feedback via your phone or PDF. This feedback is automatically added to your design.

Improvements were made in the 2024 version, making it even easier to add feedback to your design.

  Visual Markup Import & Markup Assist_ACAD 2024


Web Functionality

AutoCAD subscribers enjoy exclusive additional features in the AutoCAD web version. For example, as a subscriber you have access to AutoLISP API on the web. With AutoLISP you can automate a series of AutoCAD commands on the web.

  Visual Web Functionality_ACAD 2024


Discover What’s New in AutoCAD 2024

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  • Features seven industry-specific, specialized toolsets to automate tasks and enhance productivity.
  • Provides you access to essential drafting capabilities on the web and on mobile.

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